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IoT Changing Lives Worldwide

The Internet is ruling today’s world and therefore the opportunities driven by IoT are limitless. It is basically a process of connecting physical devices through the internet to enable the exchange of data. IoT has made complete industrialization possible in various sectors ranging from digital healthcare, remote learning, connected manufacturing to micro-mobility and sustainability. Today, all types of businesses leverage IoT solutions to secure their credential data while transmitting from one device to another.

Kick Start Your Digital Journey With the Top IoT Application Development Company in US

If you want to secure your confidential data, automate your business process, cut down unnecessary costs or enhance decision making, then we can help you! NeoITO, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is one of the best IoT Development Companies in the USA offering IoT app development services for startups, scale-ups, and enterprises that can take their business to the next level of connectivity and intelligence. We've been on the cutting edge of IoT for the past 6 years, and therefore, we can help you bring your IoT experiences to life with exciting applications or next-gen solutions.

Being one of the most reliable IoT app development companies, we have the expertise, brilliance, knowledge, and talent to unleash the creative potential of your business, smartly. From the comprehensive incorporation of the best sensors to selecting the most unique platforms, we offer extraordinary IoT app development services in the US that are seamlessly integrated with existing hardware.

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Advantages of the Internet of Things (IoT)

The opportunities that come with IoT are enormous, and it can be a game-changer for any business or organization, especially for those who are embarking on a digital transformation. Here are the real business benefits of IoT to take advantage on:

  1. Enhance Communication:

    IoT encourages communication between devices (Machine-to-Machine communication). Hence, the physical devices are able to stay connected providing total transparency, greater quality, and lesser inefficiencies.

  2. Creating Business Opportunities:

    IoT can collect real-time data from the network and use advanced analytics to uncover business insights and opportunities, hence reducing operational costs.

  3. Automation & Control:

    As physical objects are connected and controlled digitally with wireless infrastructure, without human intervention, the machines are able to communicate with each other leading to faster and timely output.

  4. Cost Reduction:

    83% of organizations that have introduced IoT technology have improved their work efficiency, reducing their expenditures and bettering output from employees.

  5. Advance Customer Service & Experience:

    Advanced IoT technologies such as mobile card readers and smart trackers are used to enhance customer experiences. IoT can be used to track, monitor, fetch, and analyze data gathered from the internet, social media, and mobile usage to analyze customer preferences and behavior.

Our Process of IoT App Development

As an IoT app development company, we build the digital ecosystem of a business around connected devices which you can control and manage using high-quality mobile & web IoT software. Our entire delivery life cycle for IoT app development is as follows:

  1. Project Discussion:

    The process starts with a detailed discussion with the IoT app development team to thoroughly understand the IoT product, get more information on user interaction, and how to maintain the interface of the end customer.

  2. IoT App Development Strategy:

    Developing a customized IoT application involves a lot of challenges including its connectivity, data security, privacy, cross-platform compatibility, data collection, and processing, etc. Once the information is sourced, the app development team works on a strong strategy that will include the budget, timeline, and project scope for both hardware & software.

  3. App Design and Prototype:

    IoT app design requirements vary according to each project. Some IoT-based projects require relatively more effort in terms of app design aspects. Following the app design process, a visual mock-up i.e., the prototype is developed. This phase evaluates and validates whether the proposed IoT app product would completely satisfy the requirements of the client.

  4. App Development:

    The product development phase is undoubtedly the most important phase of any project. In this stage, detailed engineering will come into the picture, refining primary product features, validating the functionalities, progressive development, and constant improvements.

  5. App Testing:

    Further, our app development team put the IoT app through a rigorous testing process that involves usability testing, reliability testing, data integrity testing, security testing, and performance testing. Whereas testing the IoT hardware devices includes verifying the functional parameters, security, compatibility, networks, processors, operating systems, platforms, and device standards.

  6. Delivery:

    Once the app survives the whole testing process, the end product is ready to reach the market and the app store. This ensures the product's viability and collects various user data points to improve the existing system with data analysis & bug fixes.

Are you thinking of stepping into the world of IoT?


Application Technologies

Our team of experts excels in every technology powering native, hybrid, cross-platform, and custom mobile application development services in USA:


Technologies used for IoT application development

As an experienced IoT development company, we explore various concepts of smart home and home automation (Google assistant, Amazon Alexa), with the integration of IoT services, cloud computing, embedded sensors etc. to make your life easier. Our experts can build an entire IoT platform from scratch (Front end, backend, database, hardware) giving the highest priority to the user experience, privacy & security of our clients.


WiFi direct




NFC (Near Field Communication)

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)


Why Choose NeoITO for IoT App Development?

As one of the top IoT app developers in the US, we harness the potential of IoT technology to build exclusive applications for start-ups, scale-ups, and enterprises that establish smart connections between humans and devices.

  1. Specialized IoT Team:

    Years of industry experience and exposure to IoT projects in multiple industry verticals have helped our highly skilled and dedicated team to develop systems and smart solutions for all your IoT app development needs.

  2. Agile Development:

    Our agile project methodology helps us build quality-driven IoT apps within a short span of time.

  3. Highly Scalable IoT products:

    Our team of experts is capable of building smart, secure, and scalable IoT solutions that open up new possibilities for your business.

  4. Custom-solutions:

    Our IoT app solutions are tailored to match the unique requirements, challenges, and opportunities of the client’s business embracing the latest trends and technologies.

  5. Affordable Prices, On-time Delivery:

    We are committed to creating result-oriented and cost-effective IoT app solutions delivered within the stipulated deadlines.

  6. Technology Stack:

    Our hands-on experience on the latest technology stacks makes the creation of new products and services smarter, easier, faster, and more economical.

  7. Secure Practices:

    All our IoT development practices are highly secure and efficient due to meticulous adherence to data governance and security practices at every step of IoT mobile app development.

  8. Privacy to Rights:

    We ensure utmost and unbreachable privacy to each and every project & confidential data associated in the process of their completion.



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Our Portfolio

As one of the best Mobile App Development Agency in Utah, our solutions have helped some of the best in the industry to achieve their goals.

Industry-Focused IoT App Development Solutions

Over the years, our IoT app developers have contributed to scale up the efficiency and productivity of businesses from different industries, employing the latest technologies, frameworks, and components. Some of the industries that we have worked on are:


Home Services and Utilities



Real Estate

Information Technology





Our IoT App Development Services

We offer an end to end IoT app development services in the USA empowered by the advanced tools and technologies capable of transforming your conventional processes into digitally advanced ones. Our most availed services are listed below:

  1. Product Design:

    Our expert design team has the ability and experience to initiate the unique challenges of designing a superior IoT app product.

  2. Mobile App Development:

    We are a leading IoT mobile app development in the USA that relies on the latest technologies and frameworks to craft high-functioning, adaptive IoT mobile applications.

  3. IoT Architecture Development:

    We constantly work side-by-side with our clients to know the exact architect needed to connect their devices seamlessly for the business.

  4. IoT Consultancy:

    We offer IoT consulting services where the experts guide you on a strategy to yield tangible results for your business.

  5. Connectivity with Wearable Devices:

    Our app developers have profound domain expertise in building feature-rich & high-quality smart apps that enable secure connectivity with an array of wearable devices.

  6. System Integration:

    We assist our clients with endless development opportunities by introducing a fully integrated IoT platform.

  7. Data Analytics:

    Our IoT-enabled data analytics delivers measurable business value, employing big data processing and real-time data analytics for IoT business purposes to gain an edge over your competition..

  8. IoT Web Application:

    Understanding the wider possibilities of app communication via IoT devices, we design and develop convenient and functional IoT web applications that help our customers to easily navigate through systems.

Top-Rated IoT Application Development Company in USA

Regardless of the industry, the Internet of Things is proving to be a transformative force for many businesses enabling new business models and solving some of the most challenging problems. Whether it’s a customized app or a website or other portals, we are one of the top IOT service providers in the USA with a highly competitive team of talented designers and developers.

From product conceptualization to ongoing IoT app development services, our expertise IoT app developers help startups, scale-ups, and enterprises to convert analog products into digital products via IoT platforms and sensors. As an experienced IoT services provider in the USA, we consider security as an integral part of our IoT hardware design and app development. Using the best tools and competitive features, we can design and build ideal IoT app solutions assisting our clients to create successful products that can achieve their business objectives.

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  1. How much time will it take to build an IoT app?

    Many factors are responsible for the total development time of an IoT app. It depends upon several factors like design, app complexity, functionality, and many more things. If you are focusing on an IoT app with basic features and functionalities, then it could take around 12 weeks for development. But, if you need a customized app with tailor-made UI and complex features, then the timeline can vary between 14-16 weeks.

  2. Do you provide flexible hiring models for IoT app development?

    Yes, we offer flexible hiring options, including hourly-basis, fixed price models, and a dedicated team, where our clients can choose the one that best meets their project requirements.

  3. How can I track the progress of the IoT project?

    During the IoT app development process, we continuously share reports with our clients, so that we get instant feedback and can do fixes and upgrades accordingly. The assigned project manager will give you regular updates regarding your IoT product development.

  4. How do I begin my project with you?

    It's simple. You can either contact us or write to us via email. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

  5. Can your developers work with my existing system, CRM or tools?

    Of course! Our standard agile approach has always been to keep our services as open-ended for our clients. We have worked with several clients who had already owned an app or a website and wanted us to upgrade the project with their existing tools, CRM, systems etc.

  6. How complete is my IoT project ownership?

    You will have the complete ownership of the whole IoT project, which includes copyright NDA, source code, intellectual property rights, etc.

  7. What is the biggest challenge while creating an IoT gateway solution?

    The biggest challenge while creating an IoT gateway solution lies in enabling interoperability by supporting multiple connectivity sensor protocols, like Z-Wave, ZigBee, BLE, Wi-Fi, etc. The connected devices or sensors, in an IoT ecosystem, should be able to seamlessly communicate with other devices through the gateway and also send the required data to the cloud.

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