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Why Flutter?

Flutter is the latest development toolkit from Google which helps you develop beautiful single codebase native apps for Android, iOS, web and desktop. The look and feel that apps developed using Flutter SDK provide makes it virtually impossible to tell them apart from Native apps.

Rapid Development

Hot reload feature in Flutter allow coders to view the changes they made in the code instantly without having to restart the app. It helps them fix bugs faster, add new features and keep development times to a minimum. Meaning, faster app launches.

Amazing Using Interface

Flutter's flexible UI gives you total control over each pixel on the screen. It helps you build beautiful user interfaces thanks to its large collection of customizable widgets. The collection consists of both Material Design widgets and Cupertino widgets so no matter the platform, your app will always have a native look and feel to it.

Awesome Performance

One of the biggest talking points of Flutter is its performance. It can compete and sometimes even outperform Native frameworks. Thats a huge achievement since Flutter is a cross-platform framework. Flutter applications can run at a constant 60fps and even 120fps on the latest flagship phones that support it.

Perfect for MVP Development

The engaging and interactive UI designs in Flutter can catch the eye of both investors and customers alike. The fact that Flutter requires only a single codebase for both Android and iOS makes it an attractive option for startups looking to build a cost-effective and faster solution.

Why NeoITO for Flutter App Development

Our deep understanding of Utah's startup culture and talented team of Flutter developers. NeoITO is a premier app development company in Salt Lake City, Utah with an experienced team of developers capable of delivering of flawless Flutter apps.

  • Built apps with more than 1 million monthly users.
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • Top-rated app development team on Upwork, Clutch and GoodFirms
  • 6+ Years of experience
  • Helped raise more than 10 MM+ in funding


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  1. What are some of the best apps built using Flutter?

    Flutter is relatively new to mobile development but is already used to some great apps like:

    • Google Ads
    • Reflectly
    • Alibaba
    • Coach Yourself
    • Hookle
    • HuYu
    • Watermaniac
    • Cryptograph
  2. What kinds of apps can I build with Flutter?

    You can use Flutter to build apps for all the different domains like:

    • Finance
    • Health and Fitness
    • Productivity
    • Navigation
    • Entertainment
    • Lifestyle
    • E-commerce and much more
  3. What makes Flutter unique?

    Unlike other technologies which use WebView and OEM widgets to draw widgets, Flutter has its own high-performance rendering engine to draw widgets.
    Also, Flutter uses Dart to implement most of its system and only has a thin layer of C/C++ code. This makes it highly approachable for developers.

  4. How long does it take to build an app in Flutter?

    Depending on the complexity of the features an average Flutter app could take anywhere between 240 to 320 hours to develop.



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