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Is Firebase right for my app?

1. Realtime Notifications: The real-time syncing of data across all clients, be it Android, iOS or Web will come in very handy. With minimal code, you can do a lot with this like chat boxes, live news feed, notifying users of new posts or friend requests and more. This increases the chance of interactions of your customers.

2. Add chat to your app:
Users can chat each other without leaving your application. In-app chat increase engagement, but implementing a user- friendly chat feature can be difficult. This is where we will help you succeed.
Sync your chat messages between millions of users with the Firebase Realtime Database. Authenticate with Firebase Authentication, then set up a chat room in the Realtime Database. Messages appear on all your users' devices in real time. Using Firebase Cloud Messaging will send notifications so that your users get new messages if they're in another app.

3. Enable users to share and resize photos:
Increase app engagement with peer-to-peer sharing. Use Firebase Storage to host users' photos in the cloud, record the file paths in the Realtime Database to enable sharing.
Ensure that only intended users can view photos. Firebase security rules work with the Realtime Database to ensure only the individuals that users share a photo with can view it.
Automatically resize images once they're uploaded. Cloud Functions for Firebase lets you maintain the original detail of the creator's photo without forcing users to download the full image (which can eat up data). Cloud Functions runs on Google Cloud Platform, so there are no servers to manage.

4. Processing payments without server: When users make an in-app purchases they expect a secure and high speed transaction. You don’t have to manage a server for payment gateway where you can use Firebase for any such secure transactions.

5. Firebase helps you earn more with its app store optimization tools: The Firebase App Indexing indexes your application into Google Search. Even if your app has already been installed by users, when they search for related content, the app will launch directly from the search results. If the app hasn’t been installed, an install card shows up in the user’s search results.


Firebase is a mobile and web application development platform developed by Firebase, Inc. in 2011, then acquired by Google in 2014. More at Wikipedia

Area served: Global
Founder(s): James Tamplin, Andrew Lee
Industry: Mobile backend as a service, Mobile application development
Products:Analytics, Cloud Messaging, Authentication, Realtime Database, Cloud Firestore, Storage, Hosting, Remote Config, Test Lab, Crash Reporting, Notifications, App Indexing, Dynamic Links, Invites
Parent: Google
Launched: April 2012

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