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Developer(s)Mridul Thakur
Initial release16 June 2022; 2 months ago (2022-06-16)
RepositoryWestview.js Repository
Written inJavaScript
LicenseMIT License

Westview.js, or Westview, is a back end database management system for Node.js, released as free and open-source software under the MIT License. It is designed for building databases using simple language and functions.[1] It can be used in early stages of your application when you don't need to have a complex DBMS.

The original author, Mridul Thakur, described it as a developer friendly, Node.js powered database, meaning that it is coded in Node.js with less features but developer friendly and easily understandable. According to Westview.js README file the module should not be used in production mode. The Westview.js database is for testing your server when it is in development mode.


Westview.js was founded by Mridul Thakur. The first release, according to Westiview.js's GitHub repository, was on 16 June 2022 version 1.0.0. Its current version is 1.0.7 which is its stable version.


  • Simple to understand and write
  • Concentrate on high-performance
  • Can be used in early stages of your application


Westview.js have 350+ downloads on Npm (software) under a month and it is growing at a high rate.


The following program will create database "./mdb" with "oneFileSize : 1200" and also creates an entry with the key as "name" and value as "Jeff".

//Import the module
var wv = require("westview");

wv.set({dbpath : "./mydb", oneFileSize : 1200});
 or create config file and import it using

console.log(wv.add("name", "Jeff")); //true
// if it outputs 1, then there is an error.

console.log(wv.get("name")) // "Jeff"

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