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TypePrivate company
IndustryEdge computing
HeadquartersDallas, Texas, USA
Number of employees

StackPath is an American edge computing platform provider headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Its founding team was led by Lance Crosby, who also co-founded SoftLayer Technologies, acquired by IBM in 2013.[1]




NetDNA, LLC was founded in 2009 as a content delivery network (CDN) with a focus on enterprise customers.[5] The company was founded by David Henzel and Christopher Ueland in Los Angeles.[6]

In 2010, NetDNA partnered with Wowza to launch the brand, a CDN for streaming video.[7][8]

By 2010, the MaxCDN brand was created as a simpler CDN for both small and large businesses. MaxCDN, LLC operated as a division of NetDNA, LLC.[9]

In 2011, Ben Neumann was CEO of NetDNA.[10] In 2011, NetDNA completed a funding round with Chelsea Management in Los Angeles.[10]

In 2013, NetDNA rebranded the company and its services as MaxCDN, conslidating other services such as under the same name, with the original NetDNA enterprise service rebranded as MaxCDN Enterprise.[11][12][13]

MaxCDN was acquired by StackPath in 2016.[14][2]


In 2019, StackPath sold its VPN lines of business, including IPVanish (acquired as part of the Highwinds Network Group) and (the new brand of Cloak), to J2 Global.[15]


StackPath has received funding from investors including Abry Partners, Juniper Networks, and Cox Communications.[16]


StackPath was founded May 5, 2015, by Lance Crosby, Greg Bock, Steven Canale, Ryan Carter, Paul Drew, Kenji Fukasawa, Jason Gulledge, Andrew Higginbottom, James Leaverton, Andrew Maten, Dawn Mumm, Nick Nelson, and Josh Reese.


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