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Dimensions CM
Developer(s)Micro Focus
Initial release1992; 30 years ago (1992)[1] or earlier.
Stable release
14.5.3[2] (July 2021)
Operating systemCross-platform[3]
TypeSoftware configuration management
LicenseMicro Focus EULA

Dimensions CM is a software change and configuration management product[4] developed by Micro Focus. It includes revision control, change, build[5] and release management capabilities.[6]

Since 2014 (v14.1)[7] Dimensions CM includes PulseUno module providing Code review and Continuous integration capabilities. Starting with the version 14.5.2 (2020)[8] it can also serve as a binary repository manager.


Previous product names:

  • PCMS Dimensions (SQL Software) [9]
  • PVCS Dimensions (Merant, Intersolv) [10][11]

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