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Appium[1][2][3][4] is an open source automation tool for running scripts and testing native applications, mobile-web applications and hybrid applications on Android or iOS using a webdriver.


Appium was originally developed by Dan Cuellar in 2011 under the name "iOSAuto", written in the C# programming language.[5][6][7] The program was open-sourced in August 2012 using the Apache 2 license.[5][8] In January 2013, Sauce Labs agreed to fund Appium's development and motivated its code to be rewritten using Node.js.[5][6]

Appium won the 2014 Bossie award of InfoWorld for the best open source desktop and mobile software.[9] Appium was also selected as an Open Source Rookie of the Year by Black Duck Software.[10][11]

In October 2016, Appium joined the JS Foundation.[12] Initially as a mentor program, it graduated in August 2017. [6]


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