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There is a considerable amount of data visualization platforms in the market today. But Jesse Cruz still found it hard to find many of these apps not utilizing business data properly, often ignoring datasets altogether or not providing options for users to find them and make sense with it.

Jesse wanted to create a data analytics and visualization platform that could utilize this unused chunk of data in every organization and convert them into clear insights companies could use to either plug unseen losses or improve the scalability of their businesses. We just sped up his product journey.

Jesse Cruz

Cruz Street has a wide range of users now, and we've come so far from our initial version that was only suitable to veterans in data analytics. NeoITO has been a huge support in our product journey and our continued success.

Jesse Cruz
Founder & CEO @ Cruz Street

The Need for Cruz Street

Although reports differ in their exact figure, more than half of all generated data within global enterprises goes under-utilized. Often, the reason for this non-usage of data is the lack of knowledge that there is data worth using

Cruz Street saw two major opportunities in the current state of invisible data crisis

  • A clear lack of understanding of possible datasets by organizations
  • An easy-to-use user experience to tinker and gain insights with data

The team at Cruz Street had already built a basic version of the product and had a small group of early adopters. These were seasoned professionals and data scientists who were familiar with their jargon.

Our task was now fourfold - create an aesthetic yet simple to use UI, couple it with a highly responsive front end, augment their back end team, and simplify the app experience for customers to quickly create their desired stats from uploaded data.

cruz street
cruz street

The Challenge

To develop an engaging data visualization platform that fetches unused enterprise data and generates usable insights with ease. Our primary obstacles were fourfold

  • Creating an unintimidating user experience to get users to work on complex data and still generate insights
  • A super-quick front-end feature-rich and responsive enough to be engaging for users
  • Help the backend team to perfect their initial product and make it error-free and capable of handling huge loads of data
  • An impressive UI that's uncluttered and simple to use with neatly designed dashboards, charts, and lists

Creating an easy-to-use & clutter-free data visualization platform that derives insightful information from huge, complex datasets wasn’t an easy task to pull off. It required tremendous work on the development front. We are glad to have helped Cruz Street to become one of the most innovative and seamless data visualization players in the market

Project Manager

The Result

  • The customer base of Cruz Street now includes business analysts, marketing teams, small businesses, and a range of other companies that require data to be visualized to make key business decisions
  • MyCDO is one of the quickest yet sophisticated data visualization tools available today for teams that work on business development and optimization
cruz street

NeoITO enabled Cruz Street to handle tons of data without dipping the platform’s performance and expanded its user base beyond seasoned data scientists, making it the quickest go-to data visualization platform for business analysts, marketers and small businesses

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Waitwhile has seen tremendous growth scaling our revenues by 5X and tripling our number of paid customers. NeoITO has been a great development partner and an important contributor to our success.

Christoffer Klemming

Christoffer Klemming

Founder & CEO at Waitwhile

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